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Meet Jess!

Your Eyelash + Eyebrow Preserver

Jess's top priorities as a service provider are to create a relaxed atmosphere, educate her guests, and perform safe services with top quality products. She understands that your lash and brow health is so crucial for her to do what she loves to do so she specializes in maintaining or, in some cases, improving your lash and brow health.



Jess is highly skilled and trained in customized brow and lash services that give you long lasting results. She can recommend the services that will be best suited for you and your lifestyle.


Jess appreciates that as a lady in today's world, it's easy to give so much of yourself away to the many roles you're expected to play. This is why she values being able to provide you with these convenient services so you can leave feeling poised and prepared for your many roles!

"High maintenance" services to allow for a low maintenance everyday!

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