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introducing designer magnetic lashes

There's a new approach to the lash industry - so instead of dealing with messy strip lash adhesive and lifted corners, you can stick magnetic lashes right onto eyeliner!

This new method ensures you have a safe and secure lash adhesion that's comfortable and really easy to apply. You can get your lashes made custom for your eye shape, facial features and style preferences! Bonus is, you can wear them at least 30 times and sometimes even up to 50 times if you're keeping your new lashes nice and CLEAN!

To get your Designer Magnetic Lashes, you can set up either a virtual or in-person consultation. During this appointment we'll measure your eyes to be sure that your custom lashes will fit you perfect. We'll also talk about style preferences, application techniques, removal, and ingredients. 


How do i clean my eyes and my new lashes?

The most important thing to focus on in order to extend the life of your Designer Magnetic Lashes is cleaning the magnets after removal. You can effectively clean the 6 magnets on your Designer Lashes with a bit of rubbing alcohol on a q-tip. If you are wearing mascara or eyeshadow with your Designer Lashes, you may want to give your magnetic lashes a little lash bath with a foaming cleanser that's safe to use with lash extensions.

Who can use Designer Magnetic Lashes?

EVERYONE - The possibilities are endless with these customized Designer Lashes! For someone who has a compromised immune system or you just don't feel ready to go out for lash services, these Designer Magnetic Lashes are for you. Anyone with brittle lashes, or perhaps you have alopecia so there isn't any hair to apply lash extensions on - you're a perfect candidate. Or maybe you have an allergy to eyelash extension adhesive. In most cases, you won't have a reaction to Designer Lashes because the adhesive completely cures away from your skin while I'm hand making your pair.

Do I have to pick them up after ordering?

If you would like to do curbside pickup or pick them up in the studio, you absolutely can. Free shipping is also available to make it more convenient for you! Another amazing thing about this service is these customized Designer Magnetic Lashes can be shipped to anyone in the world.

Again, endless possibilities!

Why are these different than other magnetic lashes?

They're customized specifically FOR YOU! 

Chelsea had a bad experience ordering magnetic lashes online for her engagement photos. Because she had nobody to ask and nothing to reference for application directions, she struggled to put them on comfortably. Further, she didn't have any knowledge about cleaning them in order to get longevity out of her investment. She also felt that the first set she got just wasn't the right length and style for her so she ended up purchasing another set, paying way more than she was expecting.

Jamie had a bad experience with magnetic lash liner and found that it kept coming off and therefore, she had real issues with the magnetic lashes staying on her eyelid which is definitely not what we want when we're trying to wear lashes for the whole day. The magnetic liner these Designer Lashes come with has a great staying power - in fact, it's virtually waterproof!

Book your virtual consult  and get all of your questions answered!

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