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lash lift and tint?

How do I

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  • Be very gentle with your lashes for the first 48 hours. If you're a side or stomach sleeper, try to sleep on your back.

  • Make sure you always clean off all your makeup before bed.

  • Feel free to use a lash serum like GrandeLASH-MD to promote lash growth and maintain strength. This serum is available to purchase during your lash appointment.

  • Using a mascara like Ellevate that has biotin, keratin, and arginine in it is recommended since it is not drying to your natural lashes. It acts as a treatment as well as a mascara. This mascara is also available for purchase in the studio.


  • Don't pull at your lashes or rub your eyes very aggressively.​

  • Make sure you aren't using any oil based products around your eyes. Oils can make your lash lift relax prematurely.

  • Never use waterproof mascara! It is hard to clean off your lashes and can make them very dry, weak, and prone to breakage.

I suggest to come in for your next eyelash lift and tint between 6-8 weeks, however there is no risk of over processing your lashes with our organic lifting system.


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