The shape of your eyebrow should reflect the bone structure of your entire face. This service is vastly important for anyone who has grown out, uneven, or poorly plucked brows. Your eyebrows will be measured to determine how high the arch should be, where they should begin, and where they should end.

In order to enhance the overall shape, a custom color matched, natural henna mixture is applied to finish the service. Brow henna will stay on your skin up to 2 weeks and on your hair up to 6 weeks!


What is better than waking up with makeup? This customizable, vegetable based brow tint will transform your sparse eyebrow hairs and make them appear fuller in no time. No more struggling in the morning trying to make your brows even! It is recommended to freshen up your tint every 3-6 weeks.

For this service, we use a hard wax which tends to be much more gentle on the skin. There is no strip required with hard wax; this allows us to be more precise with which hairs we remove. It is recommended to come in every 3-5 weeks for the greatest effects.


A brow lift or "brow lamination" is a chemical treatment that breaks down the bonds in the brow hairs allowing them to relax and cover thin areas. By combing the hairs in an upward motion, you'll get an instant brow lift! This treatment is very versatile and provides you with a new shape and style for up to 8 weeks with no fussing.

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