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Beautiful Lashes Are Healthy Lashes

Beautiful lashes are healthy lashes and healthy lashes are
CLEAN  lashes!

  • Be sure to clean your lash extensions daily with the provided cleanser. Cleanser comes complimentary with every full set.​

  • With activities like swimming or workouts, clean your lashes as soon as possible to avoid poor retention.

  • Use lint free materials around the eyes to prevent snagging or cotton fibers in the base of your lashes.

  • Avoid pulling, picking, or twisting your lash extensions.

  • Never cut your eyelashes. I can always correct the length during your fill appointment if your extensions are too long.

  • Do not use an eyelash curler with eyelash extensions.​

  • If you must itch your eyes, try using the supplied, clean mascara wand instead of rubbing your lashes or eyelids.


You want to be as gentle as possible with your eyelashes when you wear extensions.

It is recommended to come in every 2-4 weeks to keep your eyelashes full and looking their best!

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